Sunday, December 14, 2008

The More Garlic the Better!

A change to savory.
It was the night of garlic bread crostini, chili and corn bread- and it was a delicious night. 
I forgot to take pictures of the chili (we were just so hungry by then!) so we will have to do without. 

These little garlic crostini-type things are made with sourdough rolls sliced like one slices a baguette (in fact.. use a baguette if you have one- its so much better). Toast the slices until they are nice and crunchy. Then rub a clove of garlic on one side until it repels vampires for miles around. Sprinkle them with a little olive oil and salt. I sliced some avocado and sauted some mushrooms with salt and pepper, and topped it all off with a bit of apple chutney (one of the first posts). 

The Verdict??

Another satisfied customer. 



Court said...

I love avocado anything. This looks like a use I haven't tried. Great idea!

Heather said...

ohhh. you sound like my long lost soul mate! the more garlic, the better - indeed! i can never get enough garlic!! these look delicious!